Monday, 27 August 2012


               Best Memory Ever!

i miss them so much. seriously. age is the age that can not be forgotten. from school we learn everything is about life, the meaning of friendship, hardship gain knowledge and seek blessings from teachers to succeed. let me Introduce one by one. a beautiful little peach scarves,she's CIEN. The sweet green baju kurung is AJA. Who was dressed in blue and elegant baju kurung is ME of course. cewahh. haha .. in yellow berbaju melayu and cute boy is zamryy and light blue baju melayu and the most hotterst sport guys is YIEN. Friends from primary school to high school.AWESOME friends and they complete my life. not in the same place anymore but when we are back home, we still together. meet each other and all of us have own story to tell. lepaking at mcd or somewhere. snap picture and having fun. Hope our frienship never last.LOVE U GUYS. <3

Sunday, 26 August 2012

let's begin.. wuhuuuuu!!

Asalamualaikum w.b.t

hai u'olls. heh. seyesly i don't know how to start all of this thing. ini second time I create blog tp yang ni semestinya yang officially sbb one of esaimen mybe.. hheheh. hari pertama I create my own blog oh myyy seyesly I sakit otak. na tau pasal ape??? haaaaa.. 1st blog ni ta cam blog lama dlu. Makin complicated kot n susa na cari setting ni la. setting tu lah. haha. dgn bantuan rakan2 akhirnya menjadi lah jugak kan. itupon kecoh nak create satu blog ni. sepanjang seminggu tu bertungkus lumus la menyiapkan blog ni. tambah ni. tuka itu. sampai lah puas hati. ngeeee.. :P
dan hasil permulaan nya seperti ape yang u'olls sume boleh lihat lah. thankz to you guys. oklah. sampai sini dulu yaww. see ya later. #peace yawww.. :)

p/s : penambahbaikkan sedang di jalankan.